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Horses, Dogs & Equipment

Understanding the importance that the team are ready for the daily tasks ahead is very high priority. Working the land in hot temperatures for many hours a day will take their toll. This being the case, the staff ensures that the horses, dogs and their own health and wellbeing come first. Factors to consider in this climate are rest, diet, rehydration and fitness which protects animal and staff health. This extends to the tools that are used, servicing is conducted regularly and care is taken to prolong the life of equipment. Bar H Grazing pride themselves on safe, clean, tidy and well maintained equipment and workshop areas and working practices.

Data Recording Equipment

Attention to detail is an important value at Bar H Grazing. Electronic Identification for each animal allows us to track performance and capture every animal’s family tree with no human error. This will provide us with the correct information when deciding which dam/sires is the best match for the production of the best quality product. The DNA results allow us an accurate tracking of the genetics and their performance.

It captures efficient data control, knowing which animals are performing and producing a high in both carcass weight and meat quality. We can then provide a more consistent quality product for the market and future breeding. We have introduced quality control measures to ensure premium beef. We no longer continue breeding from inefficient animals.

Genetics are analysed and only the best sires are chosen to match to the genetics of the dams to produce highest quality beef. We have been improving the genetics of the herd through the use of semen from different donor sires of our own and worldwide.

Important Tools

  • Supporting families
  • Great Staff
  • Horses and dogs
  • Reliable machinery
  • Allflex RS420 Electronic tag reader
  • Practical Systems, Stock Book Software
  • Hondex Mobile HS120 Ultrasound Scanner
  • Ruddweigh 700 Scales
  • Visual Tags and NLS
  • Practical and pleasurable facilities



Horses are an important tool used for handling our cattle and ensuring they remain calm in their natural surroundings. The best quality horses are bred specifically for this task to get the job done efficiently. Our horses are bred to have the instinctive ability to work cattle with the least amount of stress to both cattle and horse. Natural ability to cut out and track cattle is a strong characteristic needed in a stock horse.

Essential Stock Horse Qualities

  • Quiet nature therefore safe for staff
  • Natural Ability
  • Cow Sense
  • Stamina
  • Steady Footing
  • Of sound control

Jayee Essential Routines and Checks

  • Horses are fed before they go to work
  • Shod
  • Teeth checked regularly
  • Saddled
  • Washed Down after work
  • Fed at end of day

A good horse knows the job in hand without hard commands, at Bar H we respect and care for our horses as we know they are an essential part of our team. We rely on our horses to assist us with cattle work 95% of the time.

Bar H Tasks performed on Horseback

  • Mothering up cows and calves
  • Mustering
  • Educating Weaners
  • Separating Cattle in yards


Working Dogs

Good working Dogs are extremely important in our everyday cattle work. At Bar H, we pride ourselves on quiet cattle and low stress handling techniques in which the dogs play a big part. The dogs work the cattle in a proficient manner, a well-trained dog performs with no barking and no healing at the cattle’s legs.

It’s extremely important to keep your dogs in the best condition as they are of great value, even taking place of extra staff therefore minimising overhead costs. The working Dogs at Bar H are on a good quality diet with extra nutritive additives.

Benefits of Working Dogs

  • Natural instinct and love to work
  • Low stress cattle handling
  • Reduces risk of injuries to staff in cattle movement
  • Wide casting

Qualities we look for in Working Dogs

  • Loyal Nature
  • Plenty of want
  • No heal
  • No Bark
  • Strength

Collies are a proven breed to our likes and needs in character of a working dog and a long line of breeding has been established over the last 30 years.



Jayee Horses began in the early 1940’s from well-known identity Jim Mcghee. The name “Jayee” was created after Jim, who always signed his name “J E Mcghee”.
Matrix is a descendent from this breed who has celebrated a great career in campdraft and challenge sports, he is now retired at River Lea.

Motor bikes

We believe that our animals are best introduced to bikes to experience noise at a young age. Bar H will use bikes for the efficiency of getting from A to B in a short time on hot days. Bar H does not use four wheel motor bikes strictly for safety reasons and have introduced a ban on four wheelers within the company.

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