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24/7 Workshop

Hornery Water and Transport are supported by their state of the art workshop which runs day and night shifts ensuring that our fleet are maintained and prestarted each day ready to service our clients at any time. Our staff includes Diesel Mechanics, Fitters, Trades Assistants and Boiler Makers.

Workshop Facilities

  • In Ground Roller Brake Tester and Shaker Plates
  • Tyre Change Bay
  • Wash Down Facility
  • Engineering Bays
  • 25 tonne Lift Max Hoists

Brake Testing

Hornery Service Centre boasts home to the BM14200 In-Ground Roller Brake Tester which has proven to be the most accurate testing method available. It tests the performance of a vehicles brake system under stationary and controlled conditions. Your vehicle is driven onto a set of rollers, when tested the wheels are turned by the constant speed of the roller, keeping the vehicle static during the test.

Safest and most Accurate method of Testing Available

It can measure deceleration by means of torque force produced by the decelerations of the wheel against the rollers. This method produces the most consistent results across all axles. It is possible to test one wheel at a time. The roller brake tester has the ability to match prime movers to trailers, maximising vehicle balance and efficiency.

Roller brake testers can test the entire range of every brake fitted to the vehicle from zero to full braking or wheel lock, consistently and repeatedly without the influence of momentum or weight transfer.

Consistent and repeatable results for brake tests on individual wheels to full brake effort or wheel lock up is achieved.

In-Ground Play Detector and Shaker Plates

Our service team is able to check the steering and suspension system of heavy vehicles without the need to jack up the axle. Detect worn kingpin bushings, loose tie-rod ends, broken welds or loose fasteners. Detect failed components quickly, safely and easily using the in-ground play detector.

Commercial Brake Testing

Hornery Service Centre provide commercial brake testing for your fleet.

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Engineering Bay

We have onsite qualified Boiler Makers/Welders who can fabricate and repair jobs as needed.

Tyre Changing Bay

Safety is our priority at Hornery Group therefore we follow a tyre safety plan to ensure our trucks are travelling as safe as possible. The Hornery Service Centre has a bay allocated for tyre changing and balancing services and our staff follow a stringent safety plan whilst performing these tasks.

We check:

  • PSI of all vehicles twice per month
  • Keep a tyre history register and records
  • Golden Rules are maintained and up to date

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