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Brake Testing

Are you confident your brakes won’t let you down?

Have your brakes tested on the Hornery In-Ground Roller Brake Tester and know you will STOP Safely each time.

The BM14200 Brake Tester is the most accurate method of testing vehicles brakes.

The In-Ground Roller Brake Tester Shows

  • Brake force for each wheel
  • Imbalance across all axles
  • Rolling resistance
  • Time Lag/reaction time
  • Air Pressure at the line and at the wheel chamber
  • Tests emergency brakes and parking brakes
  • Compares brake force to air or hydraulic pressure
  • Pedal pressure and display brake force over time
  • Ovality and cracking in drums and warping in disc brakes
  • Produces custom print out for record keeping

Benefits of Roller Brake Testing

  • Undercover all weather testing
  • Coal Mine Compliant Certified Brake Tester on Site
  • Static and Safe manner testing
  • Testing for Light Vehicles up to AB Triples without unhooking trailers
  • Same surface/same speed testing

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