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Bar H Grazing currently run over 1600 breeding female Wagyu within their herd which consist of percentage Wagyu through to Full Bloods. Our point of difference is our outstanding reputation of consistently producing premium seed stock of Full Blood and Purebred Sires.

Bar H online sale 2017 – auctionsplus

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Bar H Online Sale 2016 – Auctionsplus

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OUR Genetics Focus

Bar H Grazing has an advantage in the Wagyu Industry with over 2 decades and well over 30,000 head of data experience. With the intense AI programme and genetic recording, our quality of meat is consistently high. Since 2005, the Bar H Wagyu Herd has consistently produced a weaning average of above 92%. Bar H Grazing carries out DNA testing on the entire herd to enable us to identify each individual animal and data performance. This provided us with the correct information when deciding on mating to ensure the best match for the production of the consistent quality product. The DNA results allow us an accurate tracking of the animal from conception through to carcass. Factors for high quality beef product is a combination of Marbling, Marbling finesse, Meat and Fat colour, Firmness, Texture and Tenderness. Attention to detail is a very important company policy that has to be adhered to at all times and in all aspects, in what we do. All our focus is on meat quality. We are proud to say we are beef producers, not cattle producers.


Bar H Wagyu Cows & Calves

Bar H Wagyu Heifers & Steers

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Bar H Wagyu Embryos and semen

Embryo flushing is a method used as insurance for continuing to capture the best genetic bloodlines.

It’s an expensive exercise but worth the investment to ensure high performers will carry on through next generations. Flushing, freezing and storing of eggs with the right bloodlines is an opportunity to continue genetic focus and its common practice to back up high quality animals with proven blood lines.

Animal Welfare

At Bar H, our animals are treated with the best husbandry methods in regards to their care and welfare. We continually assess diet and pasture and improve where needed. We insist on ensuring our cattle have high nutrient grass feed with a mix of Buffel Grass pasture and Blue Grass along the river country. Livestock are moved on before damage occurs to animal or land and therefore ensuring the animals have the best possible diet available. The livestock have access to river water 100% of the time. This is pumped fresh from the Nogoa and Mackenzie Rivers located on our property.

We follow our policy of always using low stress handling techniques which has minimal impact to our livestock and therefore allowing our animals the ability to perform. Our cattle are settled into yards and left to recover from any stress for the recommended time before we begin working with them. Dehorning is completed at an early age as possible and at least before they reach the age of three months, therefore reducing any long term stress on the welfare of the animal. Our yards and loading ramps are suitably designed therefore encouraging our cattle to load easily and without a bruise. We take pride in ensuring that the carrying companies we use have a safe and caring approach to the wellbeing of the animal.

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